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"Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, "In this world, Elwood, you must be" - she always called me Elwood - "In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart...
...I recommend pleasant. You may quote me." from Harvey by Mary Chase.

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"Hey man, I thought perhaps you might be able to shed some light on something;

Where does one start with getting into your world? illustration? Animation? General fine art? I’m 28 and looking at rebooting my life by advancing my favourite lifelong hobby into (hopefully) a better job, but to risk…



Accurate description of ponies

It gets even funnier when you realize that Robert Downey Jr. is also afraid of horses

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"They met Iggy Pop."Submitted By: Anna S.Location: California, United States


"They met Iggy Pop."
Submitted By: Anna S.
Location: California, United States

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In case you didn’t think Canada was adorable enough, Santa writes back to letters he receives from Canadian children. All you need to do is write a letter and address it “Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada” (seriously, not making this up) between November 3rd and December 17th and he…



smug as fuck

honestly my favorite moment of the whole video


The Good Dinosaur has now named its new director, Peter Sohn! It will Debut November 2015!





Perk up your Monday with a memo about coffee.

Staff Secretary Jim Connor’s note on this memo from Deputy Chief of Staff Dick Cheney from October 20, 1975, succinctly sums up why the coffee bill for Donald Rumsfeld’s office was over $100: "They are drinking too much coffee and have too many people drinking it!"

The Mess records showed that the bill covered 200 pots of coffee, meaning that the Chief of Staff and his eight staff members would have consumed about 10 pots per day during a five-day work week.

Too much coffee: do you agree or disagree?

I don’t know, from what I understand from the comics and Tumblr, this is probably the equivalent amount of coffee required to sustain the kellysue and mattfractionblog household. Maybe a little less.


Y’know that’s $449.03 in 1975 dollars.



Very pleased with how my son’s geektastic nursery turned out, so thought I’d make a post about it. When my partner and I first started planning it, we talked about doing a strict superhero theme. That changed during the process of picking the characters that we wanted to hang on the wall. We decided to go with characters we truly love, regardless of the fandom, rather than pick less-beloved characters just for the sake of fitting an artificially-created superhero theme. Thus, we ended up with fabulous drawings of Wonder Woman, the Ninth Doctor, Harry Potter, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), and Mr. Spock, commissioned from artist Jenny Stead. Jenny did an awesome job, and I highly recommend anyone looking for custom art to hit her up when she has commissions available.

Despite the mix of fandoms, the centerpiece of the room obviously is still superheroic — specifically, the design from Captain Marvel’s new uniform splashed across an entire wall. I couldn’t be happier with how the mural turned out (if you’re in or around Atlanta and need a mural for your home or office, I can’t say enough great things about Mimi’s Murals), and love the Captain Marvel emblem for several reasons.

First, it’s just a really damn cool design. Major props to Jamie McKelvie for turning out yet another flawless character design/re-design (and one that looks fabulous blown up to a 8x15 foot canvas.)

Second, Carol Danvers flat out rocks. I’ve only known Carol for a little while, starting with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s amazingly kickass Captain Marvel run, but in a brief period of time she’s managed to become one of my favorite characters ever.  She’s everything a hero should be: brave, selfless, kind, and loyal — but with enough vulnerability and flaws to make her relatable and courageous and oh-so-very human. I just love her. 

Third, I want my son to grow up knowing that he can, should, and will find women who deserve to be his heroes just as much as any man. Our society persists in sending a message that heroic women make acceptable role models for girls or other women, but not so much for boys or men. It’s bullshit and it needs to change. If creators keep making characters with the heroic spirit, emotional resonance, and all around badassedness of Carol Danvers, I am hopeful that one day it will.



My Justice League United Flash variant cover, based on the old Carmine Infantino ‘Mystery In Space’ cover! Colours by comics heartthrob Dave McCaig.